How To Be F*cking Awesome

If you’ve been looking for a kick up the backside to finally launch that business, start a new project you’ve been putting off or just become all round awesome, this book is for you.

Why do some people have an awesome life, plenty of money, amazing friends and a business to love while others struggle at every step, are constantly broke and can never get out of the daily grind?

What enables some people to work hard, play harder and make a difference every day, yet still have time to take care of their body, eat good food and be there for the people who matter?

How do some people connect and persuade with ease, make good decisions and get sh*t done, while others make little impact, doubt themselves and get stuck in the rut of procrastination?

Is it really possible to be f*cking awesome, live life on your own terms, make a difference and be truly fulfilled, all while having bucket loads of fun?

The answer is Yes! This book shares 11 devastatingly powerful principles you can apply immediately to start getting more of what you want and less of what you don’t want. So, if you are ready to take action, sick of the usual guru bullsh*t advice, and want to finally make your life truly awesome, then pick up this book, read it from cover to cover, and do every single thing Dan says.

Productivity Tool: I Get Sh*t Done: My F*cking Awesome Planner

This is a planner for people who are simply too busy either in their head or in their life.

I designed this for me first and foremost for that exact reason, and after sharing it with a lot of people, who in turn got sh*t done, I decided to make it a thing.

If you want a simple system that will clear your mind, allow you to focus on what’s really important and help you achieve more than you thought you ever could?


If you are looking for anything deep, spiritual, not littered with profanity or something that involves you NOT doing the work? Then this probably isn’t the planner you are looking for… 😉